5 April 2017

Important Facts About Social Media

Important Facts About Social Media

There are more than 3.17 billion users on the digital platform today; out of which approximately 2.3 billion are active social media users, which is more than 75% of the base. That’s a vast field to ignore while planning your digital and SEO campaign. We all know, everything on the cloud is integrated today. It has been said and believed that the key to a good campaign is content, but to transmit that content your SEO tactics need to be in place. Your Google campaign, external links, Meta tags, Schema Tags, Social Media campaigns, blog posts—everything needs to be integrated and speak the same language; a language which is understood by the user and not just Google.

It is always recommended to serve the platter that fits the customer’s expectation. Similarly, serve what the user is searching for in order to be able to convert that user into your consumer. All the techies of the Y-generation are much more informed about Google Algorithms and the new ways to beat the competitors and rank first on the Google page. Same is the case with Social Media Campaigns. Many of us believe that social media campaigns are all about:

  • Posting a new feed every day;
  • Liking and sharing posts to increase visibility on Facebook;
  • Tweeting about current affairs;
  • Attracting users on Twitter;
  • Posting witty and attractive photos on Instagram; and
  • Conquering the Quora questions.

But that’s not all; this may be the ordinary way to enter the Social Media game, but there’s more that goes beyond the posting, liking and sharing practices—better known as social media marketing strategies. So, here, we are mentioning some social media facts that you must know if you are engaged in social media marketing or are interested in increasing your knowledge about it.

Engagement Driven Platform

More engagement through your social media platforms is the key to success. The more you engage, the more goodwill and connection you build up with your audience. You must agree to the fact that“People follow what is being followed.” Rather than promoting your brand only, serve what the audience is looking for. Twist your strategy and promote your product or service in a way which speaks in favor of your audience. Create the need, build up the desire, and root the success.

A Long-Term Strategy

Social media presence is more about an effective online presence than a call to action platform. It demands more time and effort to build your brand. For a stable presence and visibility, a brand needs to be constantly striving for the effective campaign which talks more about the brand and its value which connects with the consumer.

Visual Content is the King of Social Media

It is a proven fact that visual presentation gains more attention than verbal presentation. Visuals are a powerful tool to enhance the impact of any presentation. The understanding and grasping quotient is more in a visual presentation. And all social media platforms allow you to present your brand products and services in visual form, which is why they are the more preferred option.

Social Media Profiles are Listed in the Search Result Pages

Though many of us are aware of the fact, we miss out on this in certain cases. Your social media profiles are the first impact you lay on the user’s mind. Your website is second in today’s world, so create your social media profiles and campaigns more carefully and with great effort.

The key to your digital campaign is: all tools should speak the same language for your brand. And that is the reason it is imperative to build a campaign and run it on the required platforms for better results. For more in-depth knowledge, call and let the ADIT team help you with your digital marketing.

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