30 July 2018

SEO Risks to Take and SEO Risks to Avoid

SEO Risks to Take and SEO Risks to Avoid

Still, many business owners today don’t realize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). There is much misleading information available about SEO that makes it more confusing.

It can take months for an SEO strategy to produce great results. In addition, the approach may seem illogical to those unfamiliar with SEO tactics, but it can significantly improve a company’s exposure online and increase profits.

Therefore, what SEO strategies are worthy of the risks, and which ones are not?

In a nutshell, the biggest SEO risk for any company is to bypass any SEO efforts at all.

Take these SEO Risks

Here are several more risks to consider when planning a business SEO strategy:

1. Producing and Testing Small and Large Changes

Top ranking for your site means nothing if you are not achieving clicks. It might take a while to determine which factors are performing, and what isn’t working. Running A/B tests can uncover the data you need, one piece at a time and test each against a different variation. It may be the titles, meta descriptions, content, or another component.

You will probably have a few hits and misses before you recognize the right combination of style and wording. Prior to discovering what works for optimal website traffic and lucrative transactions, you might have declined in traffic for a short while.

2. Receiving and Giving Top Notch Backlinks

Why post a link to a different company’s site and risk the user exiting your page?

Backlinks are an important part of good SEO. Businesses try to incorporate many on their websites. They boost rankings and help build authority. Sometimes giving back is important, it is not all about having more links. It is worth the risk to lose a few visitors, so Google knows you are referencing credible websites.

3. Boosting the Structure of Your URL

The most effective homepage URLs are short, sweet and easy to remember. It is best to keep it simple and concise, with just your company name. You can insert keywords in subsequent pages that target webpage content. But still, do not let the URLs get too descriptive or long.

If you need to edit your URLs, remember that any change can lead to a dip in ranking and traffic. But if you do this correctly, you may achieve a much better structure more user-friendly for viewers and search engines.

4. Re-Designing Your Website

Although it may be time-consuming, costly and risky, it is necessary to update your website from time to time. Some sites need minor tweaks, other a full redesign overhaul.

Like altering your URL, there is risk involved with changing your website. It may lower your rankings while Google assesses the situation. Also, you might alienate existing customers who know where to find you.

However, Google knows that every successful company site gets a redo periodically, so the decline in rankings will be short-lived.

5. Buy Abandoned or Expired Domains

Expired sites are out there, available for purchase. When a domain is not renewed, it is fair game. Buying an established website and redirecting that traffic to your site can be a fast and efficient way to expand vital backlinks.

There are risks involved with this approach, only attempt this technique if you know what you are getting into.

The domain you choose must relate to your business. The site should be legitimate and professional since the current users will be transferred to your company website.

In addition, abandoned domains are full of spam that will also be directed to your site. This will may get you penalized and cause a drop in Google rankings. However, this is an inexpensive approach that can bring in a considerable amount of traffic.

Avoid these SEO Risks

Now you know the potentially value-adding risks, let’s examine the SEO risks that may do more damage than good:

1. Doorway Pages

These pages are easy to make in groups using targeted keywords. Credible SEO professionals stay away from doorway pages because Google frowns upon this practice and penalizes websites who use them. The rare occasion that Google allows doorway pages is if they provide concise, unique and relevant content for site visitors. In short, if it mimics your regular site content.

2. Disallow Neutral Backlinks

Opt for quality backlinks, not poor options. Going neutral may not boost your SEO and but it won’t get you penalized.

There is only one way to know if you have bad, low-quality, or spam-filled backlinks, and that is if Google has acted on your website.

If not, you have safe backlinks, but they may not be good enough to increase your website rankings.

You can disallow neutral links if you are careful. By doing so, you risk blocking websites that can boost your Google ranking.

3. Condensing or Deleting Content or Whole Pages

Once a site page is removed, the ranking keywords are also deleted. This change also impacts the URL which includes keywords targeted to the page content.

It is better to keep the page even if the content is outdated or refers to a discontinued item. Instead, include a note redirecting users to a like page with the correct information.

4. Using Exact Match Keywords in Anchor Text

It might seem to make sense to use your targeted keyword as part of the link to your site. This tactic had gotten overused and abused by aggressive SEO-ers who used anchor texts with the exact keyword match to link to their company sites. These links didn’t come from the best websites.

If you try this now, you will be penalized by Google. There has been a major crackdown so find more organic methods to link your site.

5. Making Minor SEO Changes Too Often

Sometimes it is wise to update your website content. Google likes updated, fresh content.

But if you are always altering content and changing the appearance and tone of your company site, even the slightest tweak, Google will pick up on it. Your site will be deemed suspicious, and you may face penalties.

Balancing Risks and Benefits

All modern businesses such as Dental & Healthcare need good SEO to succeed today. There are risks involved, but many are worth the effort because the results can be very favorable.

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