17 May 2016

2016 – A Great Year to Expand Your Blog Traffic

2016 – A Great Year to Expand Your Blog Traffic

In 2016, blogs are everywhere, they’ve changed the world of advertising. In the past ten years, the blogging trend has grown, providing a menagerie of visual and audio engagement. Businesses and individuals are following the current trend to stay competitive. They are planning marketing strategies to help boost their growth by increasing blog traffic. A stunning blog with a Pinterest-style WordPress theme incorporating super ads on your website, and social media pages with back links will excite followers, provide more consistent traffic and potentially lead to a jump in product sales.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Make 2016 the year your company’s online presence blasts ahead of the competition. It can be a real challenge accumulating new blog traffic. But, there are so many creative ways to attract viewers to your website. Explore the following eight suggestions to help you reach your online marketing goals:

1. Distribute Business Cards:

Always be prepared to share your contact information quickly. Random situations may arise where you meet an influential blogger, potential advertisers or any other relevant business contact. Their pull online could be an indirect form of online marketing for your business if you meet the right contacts.

2. Share Branded Products:

Generate branded products such as mugs, pens, shirts, or calendars are all considered marketing merchandise that remind people of your brand and who you are. Hold random social media contests or giveaways, or pass them out to prospective customers at such places as trade shows or in stores. In turn this could influx the marketing you do offline and transfer it online.

3. Publish a Hard Copy Newsletter:

A paper newsletter or physical magazine that can be handed out at stores or coffee houses will help your blog gain awareness, spark curiosity and draw in new online viewers.

4. Post Everything:

Notify your social media followers every time you post something new. Do so several times throughout the day and include links to your blog. Put consistent effort into advertising your updated content.

5. Build Trust by Sharing Links to Other Websites:

Search for relevant content that corresponds with your discussion topics and share the outside links on social media. Show your followers that you care about their needs and desires by offering other types of websites.

6. Put Together a List of Subscribers:

Start an email subscriber list if you haven’t already done so. Make 2016 the year to spread your newsletter. Create something users can download in PDF form or in video format. This type of medium is historically most likely to be shared. Keep your followers current by sending out a regular newsletter highlighting the latest blog posts, new product launches, promotions, and more.

7. Use the Best AdSense Alternatives:

The best way to gain revenue from a blog is with Google AdSense. This program was designed for web publishers looking to display targeted ads on webpages, and derive revenue each time a viewer clicks the ads. However, it isn’t easy for new bloggers to get approved to create an AdSense account.

The best solution is to acquire an alternative ad account. Depending on your niche and amount of site traffic, the use of some AdSense alternative programs like Infolinks, Viglink, Chitika, SkimLinks, and BuySellAds may lead to greater earnings and better results than AdSense.

8. Discover the Top Niches:

If you start blogging with an established, profitable niche, the process will flow very easily. By selecting a top niche that works with your brand, you will increase profits. Find out what your readers need, which keywords are most profitable and choose wisely.

In addition to all of these great strategies, use a WordPress migrate plugin and provide social sharing buttons. This will help optimize your content, and encourage easy sharing and CTA. Also, frequently include back links on a variety of types of websites. Back links can really help rank your website, because it showcases your website to be credible and informative if enough of them link to your site. First and foremost, stay true to your set plan. Follow through with your well researched and thought after marketing blog strategy and look forward to a fruitful year.

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