10 October 2016

Social Media and Customer Service

Social Media and Customer Service

When most marketers think of social media, one of the most common advantages they think of that can help their business is the attraction of customers and sales leads. However, that’s not the only benefit that social media provides businesses anymore. In this digital age, we can use social sites to connect with customers and directly provide them with customer service and support in a matter of minutes.

It has now become easier for customers to comment or send a direct message to your company’s social profile with a concern or question about your service or product. This is due to the old issue of long holding times if a customer wanted to solve an issue over the phone. It was almost impossible to resolve a customer complaint in a reasonable amount of time, and forcing them to wait would only make the situation worse. But now, with just a few clicks, a business can resolve a problem within a short period of time, and customers are happier for it. However, there are a couple of things a marketer or business should remember when it comes to offering customer service online to maximize its effectiveness:

Make Sure You’re Listening

Once your business dedicates itself to providing customer service through social media, make sure you have an individual or team of people constantly on the lookout for a customer with a complaint or question. The worst thing you could possibly do is not respond to a customer because you weren’t paying attention, and nothing makes a customer more upset than the negligence of a company.

Act Quickly

As soon as you notice a customer complaint or question, try to respond no more than 24 hours later. Your goal is to try resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Making the customer wait past that point is just as bad as leaving them on hold over the phone for a long time.

When customers post complaints online, it’s good to realize that it is a social site they’re posting on, meaning that other people besides your company can see it too. Remember: most people are likely to post reviews about bad experiences than good ones. Tread carefully in how fast and how effectively you respond to a customer online.By doing this, you’ll retain a customer you might have lost otherwise. In addition, if others online see that your company is able to resolve an issue, and do it quickly, it’ll look better for your business.

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