20 July 2015

Facebook’s Best Kept Secret to Navigating the Marketplace

Facebook’s Best Kept Secret to Navigating the Marketplace

Although this is public knowledge, many Facebook users and businesses that use the platform have yet to catch on to the advanced advertising tactics that are offered for marketing campaigns.

Custom Audiences

Facebook launched the Custom Audiences capability in September 2012, allowing advertisers to target sponsored stories or ads that they have engaged with previously through partnership with data providers such as Axciom and DataLogix.

Custom Audiences allow created ads to reach extremely precise segments of their online and offline audience on Facebook. By using this feature, brands are able to link with past, current and future clients on Facebook with the advertisements created. A business is able to upload their customer database and have them matched to Facebook Profiles using email addresses or telephone numbers.

The flexibility of this feature is an asset to ads produced because it allows businesses to match rates that can reach up to 90% of users, even target buyers who have gone stale with appealing campaigns that would cater to their needs or interest and encourage them to visit your site again.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

This tool is relatively new and more specific, allowing ads to reach “look alike” audiences to those fitting into the category of Custom Audience pools created. This means it finds people on Facebook similar to existing customers, putting the brand in their focal point on the newsfeed. This allows businesses to grow and exposure to increase with the running of ads.

To successfully use this tool, a very large list in Custom Audiences is required, allowing a wider audience for dissemination of information Facebook can use to create a feasible lookalike audience. Studies have showed that the top 6% of people will be matched to your custom audience, which is slightly less precise but able to reach a larger number of people. Additionally there is a 94% lower cost per check out when a lookalike audience is used to target Facebook users. This will ultimately force your business into the faces of consumers that are more likely to take an interest in your ad or business, placing your money in good hands.

By using these tools as a marketer, you will allow your business to funnel information on your brand and promote adequate exposure to keep the brand on the forefront of the minds of Facebook users. The latest in Facebook marketing tools for ad campaigns re-engages prior customers while staying in front of prospective ones.

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