11 November 2015

Your Guide to Facebook Marketing

Your Guide to Facebook Marketing

You’re maybe the owner of a large chain store or maybe even a new entrepreneur who has just started his or her online business, but you definitely need Facebook marketing. Facebook is a vital social tool for all groups of people from around the world, and recently it has become the best marketing platform for brands to showcase their products. You can gain exposure globally by just being present on Facebook. From the biggest to the smallest businesses own a page on Facebook these days, so why shouldn’t you?

These tips and tricks will help you to unleash your product to the digital platform of Facebook:

  • Start advertising on Facebook:

    From chatting and uploading pictures to paid advertisements, Facebook has it all. For a new brand, the best choice will be to fish for likes while established companies can boost their posts to generate more audience and views.

  • Fix a time for your advertisements:

    Did you know that Facebook allows you to allocate advertisements during specific hours of the day? Take advantage of that! Yes, hundreds of people are always online on Facebook, but most people usually check Facebook at night after coming back home. For example, you have a lunch offer; the best time to throw the advertisement to your target is at least 2 hours before lunch. By specifying the time, you can generate a lot more generic views for your posts.

  • Be precise:

    Keep descriptions in your posts short. Time is precious and a lengthy post will most likely get ignored. The optimum number of words is between 100 to 150 words.

  • Get to know your target audience:

    A great way to win the marketing war on Facebook is to interact with your potential consumers. Use interactive posts and ask questions. People love to express their own views and opinions.

  • Host Contests:

    Contests can bring in a lot of audience for your brand because who does not love contests? This is a great promotion and can bring in new audience.

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