7 February 2017

Signs of a Good SEO Company

Signs of a Good SEO Company

With the digital platform growing magnanimously, more and more businesses are ready to improve their digital presence. Today, one spends more time on any screen more than with their respective families. This shows how much a person is trapped, influenced and guided by the digital space. This neo-generation is all about Google. And to track these people and include them in your client list, it is very important to have a good digital presence and your SEO in place.

What is SEO?

SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine. In general, the earlier and more frequently a site appears in the search result’s list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s user base. In search results, Google displays links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority is mostly measured by analyzing the number and quality of links from other web pages. These visitors can be converted into customers by using proper digital marketing strategies + SEO.

Who does this?

A company consisting of qualified programmers, web developers, designers, writers, coders, software engineers and mathematicians for data analytics which offers an SEO + digital marketing or brand image consultation. It is important to verify that it is a certified company and does not perform any Black Hat techniques to improve your brand’s digital image.

4 Signs of a Good Digital Company

  • The company has enough case studies to show the kind of work they have been doing for various clients. Look for the kind of industries they have covered under client lists. And the kind of services they offer to improve your brand’s digital image.
  • It is very important to know whether they adhere to White Hat search engine guidelines or not. A White Hat technique is a legitimate way of getting better rankings on the Google Platform. Spammy SEO techniques such as server manipulations and hidden links are a few examples of Black Hat Techniques. Use of such techniques can lead to penalties and the destruction of your rankings. It could even get your website banned from the Google and can affect you for many years.
  • Make sure the content they provide and the campaigns they plan are original and freshly created for your brand. Fraudulence can fracture your brand image in the eyes of your clients. Your web pages have the potential to rank in Google so long as other web pages link to them. Any miscommunication or wrong communication can lead you to client loss.
  • Can you speak to the creative and development team directly while in touch with the marketing team? It is imperative to know how your account is been handled. Who is doing what? How has the campaign been planned? And be updated with the results of each campaign regularly.

With the help of the above-mentioned points, you will be able to determine the difference between the good SEO Company and the bad SEO Company. For any further assistance, feel free to contact us!

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