25 September 2017

Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

The web design industry is extremely dynamic and is in constant evolution. As an industry that was born from innovation and creativity, each year brings in new trends that change web design for the better. In 2017 we’ve seen the Hero Theme, large bold imagery, open composition and many more trends, so what can we expect to see in 2018?

White Space

Using white space isn’t completely new in 2018. However, web designers will be finding greater uses of this negative space, especially on mobile.

For mobile design, fast, lightweight websites are pivotal, moving away from flashy, overly active pages. In 2018, everything on the page will have a big purpose, increasing leads/conversions. Using negative space, attention will be drawn to the conversion point, no distractions and unneeded elements.

Although minimalism in web design was hot in 2017, it will be taken to a whole new level come 2018.

Material Design

The Material design was developed by Google in 2014 for use with Mobile Applications such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs and more; however, in 2017 we began to see its application on the web as well.

Material Design features more grid-based layouts, responsive transitions, padding and effects such as lighting and shadows to create depth. It’s compatibility and flexibility with all devices has made it extremely popular in design.

With the use of negative space and increased conversions in 2018, Material Design is perfect for web designers looking to achieve faster sites and better conversions.

Expressive Typography

With designers going for a more minimalistic look in 2018, typography is going to be one design element that remains “flashy,” taking center-stage.

This falls in line with faster, more lightweight mobile-friendly sites. Images can add weight and excessive loading to a page. Using bold typography won’t impact the performance of your site and create cleaner lines, more negative space and a clearer message. In 2018, logos and calls-to-action will be popping off the pages.

Say goodbye to cheesy images and gaudy buttons in 2018 as creative text-based designs will be taking center-stage!