2 January 2015

12 instagram Marketing tips

12 instagram Marketing tips

To help businesses jumping into social media marking with no sense of direction or where to even begin, we’ve put together a list of 12 Instagram marketing tips on how to best use of this new social media platform to your advantage in a digital ocean full of competition.

  1. Everything important must be in the Bio. It’s just as important to have a detailed bio as it is to have engaging posts. As tedious as filling out your profile is, it must be done. Adding a URL to your website, including links to all your other social media pages, you’ll allow those consumers interested in connecting with you to do so in several different ways.

  2. Be mindful of the quality of your posts. Don’t post pictures that are blurry or have poor resolution. Make sure they’re the type of pictures you would want to represent your company. Using Instagram’s filters or other photo editing apps to get the look you want is also a good way to get appealing pictures.

  3. Be a story-teller. Although pictures on Instagram can make an impact on their own, another approach can also be effective. Posting a series of images can tell a story to those following the page or coming across it for the first time. This is your chance to be creative, you can post about different people at the same event, or a series of pictures over time that’s focusing on the changes as time passes at a certain location. There are so many approaches you can take on when it comes to posting.

  4. BTS posts. Behind the scenes posts are always of interest to Instagram followers. Sharing images of the process for an event and the preparation that goes into backstage gives people a sneak peak the inner workings of your business. Taking fun pictures at a work function, recreating the infamous Oscar’s selfie, or snapping a few shots of people at work makes for entertaining and relatable posts.

  5. Show off your products creatively. You should avoid posting endless pictures of your products as this will only seem like spam to your followers. However, you should show off your products in creative ways. For example, share humorous images of people trying out new uses for one of your products or positive feedback from satisfied customers in the form of an image with them and the product. If it is presented in a fun and light-hearted manner it won’t be perceived as a sales pitch.

  6. Shout out employees. Posts about the ‘new guy’ allows followers to put a face to the name – new and old – at your company. Displaying how much fun is being had and how lively the work environment is would be beneficial for the appearance of your company.

  7. It’s all about the hashtags. Hashtags help social media users find you. Tap into popular ones, or create your own and continuously use it for every post made on all your social media platforms.

  8. Everybody loves a good contest. Organize a contest where people can win a prize if they engage with your product or company by posting their own images related to a selective theme. By asking them to hashtag a certain tagline or tagging you in the post you can have a better scope of the number of people involved. This also helps raise awareness and enthusiasm towards your company’s brand.

  9. Don’t spam their newsfeed. Consistent posts keeps followers – but overwhelming your followers’ feeds with multiple daily posts can become a nuisance. By checking out how often your competitors post you can determine how often you should in turn.

  10. Engage with commenters. It is expected for companies to respond to the comments of potential or current customers who have inquiries or even if it’s just to say thanks. This should be done in a timely fashion so make sure there is a designated person who checks comments regularly and responds to followers.

  11. Feature customers on your pages. There is no better way to get people to engage than to feature them on your page with a post centered on them. Show off the awesome people who do business with you, and others will be curious why they are happy after doing business with you.

  12. Share your Instagram pictures on other social media pages. Circulate your Instagram posts by linking them to other social media platform. The more exposure your posts have, the more inclined people are to see what your company, product or service is all about.

Ali Jhaver

Ali Jhaver


After spending 10 years helping dentists grow their practices, Ali witnessed the time and money dentists were wasting on outdated, fragmented technology that negatively impacted sustainable growth and the overall patient experience. So he developed Adit - a user-friendly SaaS platform that centralizes everything a practice needs to operate and simplifies the business of dentistry so doctors can get back to the medicine.


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