28 January 2016

Instagram Marketing Strategies Which Work all the Time

Instagram Marketing Strategies Which Work all the Time

Name a brand which does not engage in social media marketing. Take your time and think; is there any you can think of? Probably not. Online marketing is crucial in this digital era, and a good social media campaign can build up any brand’s recognition overnight. Netflix is one such company which is doing great because of aggressive social media marketing; in fact, it has even gained more popularity because of its online presence.

Whenever we think of social media marketing, the word ‘Facebook’ pops in our heads. Why should we stay confined within the walls of Facebook? Instagram is one such platform where a brand can build its image. Instagram is all about visuals, and visuals are more interactive. Don’t you agree?

Tips for getting noticed on Instagram

Instagram marketing can be a little tricky since you need to constantly come up with creative visual content. In addition to that, your post has to revolve around that visual content because you need to grab the attention of your followers. Moreover, if you post just a photo, you have to give attention to details like the perfect background or the most suitable filter. The tips mentioned below will definitely help you take over Instagram.

Use ingenious hashtags:

Hashtags are important! Hashtags can take your post to the next level. General hashtags can expand your exposure while original hashtags will build up your brand’s image. However, you must use hashtags correctly. A lot of times, brands can overuse hashtags and this might come off as spam to many Instagram users. Use hashtags which convey the right message to your followers, and remember to incorporate the perfect caption with it.

Give back to your followers:

Interaction with your followers is the key to success behind every social media campaign. You can interact with your followers by replying to their comments or you can share your followers’ photo. How do you think Starbucks is so popular on Instagram? Try reposting their photo and this will show that you acknowledge their presence and loyalty.

Go for a contest:

A contest is the best way to generate more followers. Moreover, it is fun and can be very engaging. You can ask your followers to repost your photo to participate in a contest. In this way, not only will you get to engage people but you will be getting a lot more traffic!

Analyze your activity:

If you are trying to become Instagram-popular, then you will need to post consistently and frequently. You will need to follow-up on your posts. Analyze the activity of your followers and find the right time to post on Instagram. Different brands work in different ways. If your target market is working men or women then posting at 11 A.M. in the morning will not work for you. You should post in the evening because that is when your target group will more likely respond to your posts.