15 March 2016

5 Ways to Deal with Negative Feedback on Social Media

5 Ways to Deal with Negative Feedback on Social Media

We marketers are always striving for the biggest online presence. Having more Likes on your Facebook page or Twitter followers is great for business and building leads. But while it does help most of the time, it also exposes your potential clients to all the negative feedback that your company gets.

So how to deal with it when you get a negative review? With all eyes on the critique, you need to turn the negative into a positive. Here’ are some useful tips for dealing with negative criticism and lowering engagement with a bad review.

1. Be quick

The longer a complaint is on your social media page, the more time it has to dwell and leave a bad impression on customers. Replies may back up the criticism and lead to increased engagement with it, which can be very damaging for your brand.

Try to have alerts and to have dedicated staff that can monitor your social media channels. This will help you respond swiftly.

If you don’t have time to go into detail immediately, post something like “We’re sorry to hear about your negative experience with us. We do all we can to keep each

2. Search everywhere

It’s not always the case that a customer will tag you or @mention you directly, so be sure to monitor people talking about your brand both directly and indirectly. You can set up alerts on things like TalkWalker or Moz to help you out.

3. Be personal

Try to speak directly to the customer, and leave them with contact details of an actual member of staff. This personal approach gives the impression that the problem is being taken care of in a serious, attentive manner.

4. Always be courteous

It should go without saying that, whatever the tone of the customer, you should retain your cool and respond in a helpful, polite way. This will encourage others engaged in the thread to take your side, and makes it much harder to hit back at you with further criticism.

5. Work to build positive mentions

Negative feedback is, unfortunately, an inevitability in business. With excellent service and a plan in place to encourage positive reviews, you can swiftly erase the memory of the negative feedback by drawing attention to a wealth of positive feedback on your page.

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