29 January 2018

5 Web Design Tips for New Businesses

5 Web Design Tips for New Businesses

Are you launching a start-up business? Thinking about creating a new business website? Before you start, here are some helpful web design tips to keep in mind:

Create Adaptive Content

Responsive design and adaptive content are an essential part of owning a website these days. Not only do potential customers expect your website to look and work flawlessly on any device, search engines do too! For instance, certain content may be better off hidden on mobile devices, highlighting the most important information, converting your customers. But regardless of what you do, make sure your message is clear across any device.

Stick to Your Brand

For a lot of start-up businesses and websites, it can be hard to pinpoint your “brand.” However, it is extremely important. As you build an audience, they will learn who and what your brand is and expect to see that in everything you do.

Stand Out

With more businesses joining the online world, it can be difficult to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Selecting color schemes that aren’t often used, large imagery, bold elements and even videos can help make you stand out. Try different things to see what you like and what you don’t, and figure out what works best for your website and business.

Use Social Media Wisely

A lot of start-up businesses seem to think you need to be present on every social media site; this, however, is far from the truth. It is much better to utilize select platforms which benefit your business than to have empty, dead profiles across every site. When linking to profiles from your site, customers have also become accustomed to the usual, generic buttons, so try spicing it up a bit!

Correctly Navigate Customers

Another huge mistake many start-up websites make is not properly navigating customers. Where you want your customers to go and how they find information should be obvious and easy. If potential customers can’t learn about your product, service or business, they may find another business—your competitors!

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