10 May 2018

Facts You Should Know About Social Media for Businesses

Facts You Should Know About Social Media for Businesses

Did you know that social media sites have actually existed since 1997? Six Degrees, a social media site, allowed users to upload photographs, create a profile and even connect with other users from around the world. However, social media really took off in the last couple of years. In this day and age, it can be highly important for your business to have a presence online, especially on social media sites. There are, however, some facts you should know about social media before you begin.

You can reach a HUGE audience.

You’ve probably heard that there are a lot of people are on social media, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat. But did you know that there are currently 2.34 billion users on social media currently and the numbers are continuing to grow?

When you properly use social media you can target the exact audience you desire, whether you are looking for young adults in Houston or middle-aged women in Florida.

You don’t have to use every social media platform.

Many business owners believe that in order to be successful online, they need to be present on every social media platform, this, however, is not true. Depending on your type of business, target audience and budget it can actually be smarter to focus on one social media platform effectively than all of them ineffectively.

If you want to be seen, you need to pay.

For quite a few years, it was quite possible to be seen by your target audience without having to fork over too much money, however paying to be seen has become more prevalent recently. Although you can spend time creating posts, it may end up being a waste of time if you are missing your target audience.

Our Houston Social Media Marketing Can Help

Want your business to have a presence online but have no idea where to start? Adit, a digital marketing agency in Houston, TX is happy to provide social media marketing for any platform. Whether you are interested in Facebook, Google or even Instagram we’d be happy to help. Contact us today to discuss how our digital marketing services can help your business online.

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