24 September 2020

Measured Results with Dynamic Call Tracking and ROI Reporting

Josh Gosnell

Josh GosnellVP of Revenue

Measured Results with Dynamic Call Tracking and ROI Reporting

As a dentist operating in today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, you already know the importance of online presence. Reaching out to the millions of potential patients in the online world is key. It’s with this knowledge in mind that many dental practices are setting aside substantial budgets for digital marketing efforts. But is it enough to be visible? Hardly. Getting your dental practice noticed is the first step, but the crucial end goal is to ensure your efforts pay off with regards to patient acquisition.

As a dental or medical practitioner, you must clearly define the metrics you wish to use to measure your marketing campaign. Ad clicks, visits to your website, and calls to your practice are indicators of gaining the potential patients’ attention. However, the real measure of success is how many patients you acquire via your marketing campaigns.

Peter Drucker, a famous Australian-American management guru, put it aptly when he said that “you can’t manage, what you can’t measure. To achieve your desired marketing outcomes, you must be clear on how to quantify progress.

Here at Adit, we’re passionate about data-driven analytics. Our goal is to help dental and medical practices make informed decisions by providing detailed call tracking and ROI analytics. We want to empower you to run focused and intentional marketing campaigns so that you can get your money’s worth.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Practice Growth

It’s natural to wonder whether your marketing campaigns are gaining traction and giving you the desired outcomes. With Adit, you don’t have to make guesses. We provide you detailed insights and information to drive your decision-making process. Thanks to our insightful call tracking and ROI analytics, you know which leads are converting. This information is useful in planning future marketing endeavors as well as projecting strategic growth.

Our platform integrates with your EHR and keeps track of inbound and outbound communication. This way, you have a clear, real-time view of:

  • Patient Revenue

Our platform enables you to consolidate all revenues earned from a single patient.

  • Patient Source

Our call tracking and online scheduling capabilities allow you to trace the source of your patients. This way, you get to know whether a patient found you via a Google Ad or Facebook Ad, etc.

  • Marketing Expenditure

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your marketing platforms, allowing you to keep track of your various marketing expenses.

  • ROI Reporting

Since you’re tracking the revenue earned from each patient vs. the expenses spent on gaining that patient (acquisition cost), you can easily calculate your return on investment (ROI).

Thanks to this insightful data, you can optimize or eliminate marketing channels depending on their effectiveness or ineffectiveness. After all, you want to get the best bang for your buck. Thanks to our robust tracking and analytics software, you can say goodbye to making stabs in the dark and hello to data-directed decision making.

What Can You Expect?

By choosing Adit, you can expect to work with numbers that matter. The number of website visitors, clicks, and impressions don’t matter if they’re not translating into real revenue. As a practice, your focus should be on the revenue generated as a percentage of your marketing expenditure. Only then can you find out if you’re targeting the right audience the right way.

One way we’ll help you understand if your marketing efforts are paying off is by determining the source of your calls. We can help you establish the origin of your new patients. A simple yet effective strategy in call tracking involves dynamic number placement. In simple terms, this is showing different numbers to patients, depending on how they find you. As such, you’ll know that calls coming in via telephone number X originate from Facebook Ads, while those patients calling you via telephone number Y found you through an organic Google Search.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can go a step further and determine which of your calls convert. If a patient books an appointment slot, the call counts as a conversion. The AI capability can filter out calls from current patients, telemarketers, job applicants, and other irrelevant categories.

Empowering Your Front Desk

Is your front desk unknowingly sabotaging your campaign efforts? On average, more than 80 percent of all lead calls are mishandled by the front desk. If your front desk is missing calls, diagnosing patients rather than booking them and sharing pricing information arbitrarily, then this can only be described as self-sabotage.

Adit’s call tracking software helps you to identify these issues and find a solution to the same.

Are your marketing campaigns paying off? Which marketing channels have proven most effective in getting new patients? Are you targeting the right audience? Adit has the answers you seek, and more. Contact us today to experience dynamic call tracking and ROI reporting for robust practice growth.

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Josh Gosnell

Josh Gosnell

Vice President of Revenue

Josh has made a career working with large DSO organizations and leveraging his extensive sales experience to build partnerships with influential doctors and organizations within the dental industry. He travels the US as an expert guest speaker in medical seminars teaching doctors how to streamline their practices with the latest technology.


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