8 August 2017

What Can a Good SEO Strategy Do for You?

What Can a Good SEO Strategy Do for You?

Most business owners have heard of Search Engine Optimization or “SEO,” but what exactly is SEO and how can a good SEO strategy benefit your business?

Every major search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) has primary “organic” search results; these results contain web pages, local listings, videos and more depending on search criteria and ranking. To determine the rankings for each search, these search engines use an algorithm— which is where SEO comes in.

Each search engine algorithm favors specific content and other factors such as loading times, ease of navigation and keyword density. When you partner with a knowledgeable internet marketing firm, they can help improve your organic rankings with on-site and off-site optimization techniques.

So how exactly are these improved search engine rankings going to affect your business and website?

  • Increase Site Traffic –

    When your website’s organic search rank improves more potential customers will see your website during a search, allowing them to visit your website. Recent research has shown that websites that rank on the first page of search engines have a dramatically higher traffic rate than those ranked on other pages.

  • Increase Conversions –

    Along with SEO improving your website’s SERP rank, it can also improve the user experience of your website. At Adit, we monitor site analytics to determine where conversions drop-off, allowing us to make modifications to the conversion process and improving the rate at which customers go from “potential” to “new” customer.

  • Improve Customer Experience –

    Optimization of your business’ website can also improve your customer’s experience. This is done by improving loading times, making the navigation of your website more user-friendly and providing content that explains your business, products, and services perfectly.

  • Increase Site Credibility –

    In recent years, online shopping has become the norm. With mobile shopping and searching increasing dramatically as well. Research has shown that potential customers find websites on the first few pages of search results to be the most credible and trustworthy. They are also capable of easily seeing reviews and a company’s online presence.

In-case if you are looking for a professional SEO Optimization Strategy, contact Adit.

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