4 August 2021

Why Facebook Ads for Dentists Can Boost Your Dental Marketing Strategy

Why Facebook Ads for Dentists Can Boost Your Dental Marketing Strategy

Whether you're a new dental startup or part of an established practice, your business thrives on attracting new patients. Facebook ads for dentists is one of the most effective methods of achieving this goal by reaching the market audience you're looking for and driving these prospects to your practice page or website.

This advertising feature allows you to grow your online dental practice brand using targeted audience controls and optimized conversion rates that can't be matched with any other online marketing methods available.

Want to learn how to leverage a Facebook ad to boost your growth, revenue, and patient base? Keeping reading, and make sure to contact Adit about our expertise in creating ads for dental practices.

Don't Be Afraid to Invest in Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for Dentists

Running ads for dental practices on Facebook costs a small fraction of traditional advertising. The cost per click or impression is just under a dollar, which is very inexpensive compared to conventional techniques like newspapers or radio.

Facebook is one of the most cost-efficient advertising methods because it has one of the largest numbers of daily users and offers advanced targeting.

The Facebook Ads Manager allows advertisers to define their audiences by gender, age, or location with a few clicks. This provides you with exact control over who sees your advertisement and the audience you should reach with your content when creating an ad.

Select Facebook Ad Goals that Suits Your Dental Practice

Select Facebook Ad Goals that Suits Your Dental Practice

Dental advertising campaigns can be hard to guide because there are so many factors. Setting goals is a good way to measure your campaign and make sure it's successful.

Facebook ads for dental offices provide a wide range of advertising objectives that you can use in your campaign, including:

  • Increase awareness for your dental practice
  • Attract new patients searching for a dental practices
  • Encourage new patients to visit your company's website and learn about your services
  • Get people to send instant message inquiries about what dental services you offer
  • Get leads and convert them into customers for your dental practice.
  • And more!

You can use Facebook Ads for dentists to achieve a variety of objectives, from increasing your practice's social media following to generating more clients. The options are endless and if you aren't sure where to begin or have the time to figure it all out, trust Adit to handle all the details and get your brand recognized fast.

Target Your Demographic with Tailored Facebook Ads for Dentists

When planning your digital marketing campaign, take into account the type of people that will be most receptive to your message. Then, customize your targeting from there. 

To have a successful ad campaign, knowing your audience and the types of content that engages them is essential to running a successful Facebook ad.

Advanced targeting options allow you to target:

  • Demographics that include important insights like your audience's location, age, gender, and other information
  • Facebook interests that your audience likes.
  • Service preferences, their income bracket, the hobbies they enjoy, and even their device usage all influence your targeted market.
  • People who like your clinic's page. Ads will appear on the feed for anyone who's a friend of the page.
  • Customized audiences can be uploaded from your curated email lists, phone number database, and patient Facebook profile IDs.
  • Lookalike audiences can be formed from your customized audience profile to provide a greater chance of engagement.

For example, say you work for a dental office that offers high-end services which means your rates are more expensive than average. You'll want to target a demographic that includes higher-income earners. This can be done by using Facebook targeting!

Keep in mind that when you decide to run a Facebook ad campaign that is area-specific, make sure they only appear for patients in your service range. You don't want to waste ad impressions going out to the entire state you operate within if you only service a few communities.

Facebook Advertising That Speaks Directly to Your Target Audience

Implement Organization Of Your PPC ad

Creating ad copy can feel tedious and tough to write. Building a solid digital marketing strategy that generates high-quality leads will result in positive outcomes for your dental office. Inclusion of your practice's unique attributes in ad copy will entice more patients.

Include what makes your dental clinic stand out, such as focusing on pediatric dentistry or offering the latest sedation options to help nervous patients enjoy their experience at your office. Your targeting may be excellent, but the same messages won't resonate with everyone. Luckily, Facebook ads for dentists are easily customized to tailor messages that your audience's needs and preferences.

Don't just rely on the first option that you come up with. Instead, think about how a variety of different headlines might work for your target audience.

Create Effective CTAs with Facebook Ads A/B Testing Features

Implement Organization Of Your PPC ad

After you have created your ad copy, it's important to test the headlines and CTA (call-to-action) to see which captures your audience's attention.

Research shows that different messages are appealing to various age ranges. Younger people might prefer not making a call, and the older generation may want to speak with someone on your team. So make sure you have pertinent calls-to-action matched up with each audience group in order to provide ease of communication for all your patients.

Keep in mind that it's not enough just to assume your CTAs are compelling and irresistible. Facebook A/B testing will help you determine the most effective ad content so you can reach out to new patients with the right message.

Remember to Spice Things Up with Variety 

Facebook encourages creativity in ad copy by offering numerous advertisement options for you to find what works for your audience. So whether it's a multi-image carousel featuring your dental products or a video exposing your awesome staff in action, experiment with the presentation formats to see what works best.

Adit always encourages our clients to try out all of the capabilities that Facebook offers. Some of Facebook's latest advertising opportunities, like offer claims (free initial exams or take-home whitening kits on your first visit) and Messenger Sponsored Ads, are popular when trying to convince a new patient to book an appointment.

Facebook ads for dentists provide a variety of ways to advertise your business. The experienced team at Adit can help you explore these options.

Get Your Staff Involved

We are social creatures, so it makes sense that people should always be in your ad imagery.

Yet this common-sense point is often ignored by businesses when they craft ad copy. Including your office staff in some of your ads is the best way to uniquely connect with new patients, make them feel comfortable and welcome, so they are more likely to reach out and set up an appointment.

Building a library of practice photos is not an investment you need to put off for later. Even if it costs no more than the price of your phone, uploading quality shots will prove invaluable in establishing a cohesive brand identity.

Leverage Facebook Video Ads to Forge Deeper Connections 

While using people in your ads is important, take your advertising to the next level with video ads! Short clips and live streams are a popular method of allowing your dental office's personality to shine. Even better? People love seeing you in action! Believe it or not, Facebook ads that feature videos are some of the most shared content online.

When dentists all over the United States posted videos of themselves "flossing" and doing a "dental Keke," a few years ago, these clips went viral quickly among their new patient base. Many companies rely on humorous video ads to connect with other people- consider using humor in your marketing strategy too!

So don't be shy about asking your staff to get in front of the camera!

Seasonal Ad Campaigns are Successful on Facebook 

The great thing about dental marketing is it's easy to add a fun seasonal element to your Facebook ads. You can use the different holiday themes and take advantage of all the fun colors to make your ad copy pop. Many Adit clients are their most successful when planning around the seasons. 

For example, in the summer months, dental checkups can be prioritized before soccer or dance clubs dominate a child's schedule. Enhance your marketing efforts by focusing on the working population during the workweek. Create ads for specific services that fit into their schedules.

For example, after-school hour advertisements that let patients know you're available as late as 7:00 p.m. This lets parents know you care about what is best for their children by not disrupting their class schedules. 

Facebook ad for dentists in relation to the season is an excellent way to make them more effective. Facebook has a location-based advertising system that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your ads by deploying them at hours and days when they have the highest likelihood of reaching their intended target audiences.

Find New Residents and Convert Them to Dental Patients 

As mentioned earlier, the targeting options for Facebook ads are quite remarkable. One of these features lets you target people who recently moved, and this can be an advantageous strategy for dentists. Recently moved individuals are looking for a new dental practice, so it's worth starting a campaign to entice them. It's also a great way to boost brand awareness in your service areas. 

We also recommend including a special offer whenever directly speaking with new residents to attract their interest and make them feel welcomed to the area.

Everyone Loves Freebies

Think about how you can offer something for free in order to attract new clients in your ads. People are often motivated to schedule appointments with dental offices when they know there's a reward at the end.

To increase brand awareness for dental offices, Facebook Ad also includes offer templates that have proven to be one of the most reliable methods. Getting a free whitening kit with any new patient cleaning is a popular deal. The benefit to digital marketing is that prospective patients can save the offer in their Facebook profile until they are ready to redeem it. Facebook does the initial capture and follow-up for you, making your advertising efforts significantly easier.

You can expect a high conversion rate due to this service if you develop the right content to advertise your giveaway.

Start Taking Advantage of Facebook Ads for Dentists Today

Fill Your Dental Practice Website

Facebook ads are part of a planned marketing strategy and should not be ignored. Study after study has shown how effective it can be for Adit's dental clientele to invest in Facebook advertising.

With the competitive nature of the dental market in the healthcare industry, it can seem impossible to raise your brand recognition fast enough. But, with Facebook Ads, providers have a chance at reaching out to potential patients and prove why their practice is the best choice.

Get started today with Facebook Ads for your dental office and start generating more traffic to your online site. Even better? Until you no longer break even on your investment, Adit won't take a dime in payment. So request your free demonstration today to learn more about the Facebook Ads dental marketing services we provide!

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