4 November 2020

Why Should My Dental Practice Run Google Ads?

Steven Marinkovich

Steven MarinkovichSr. Sales Director

Why Should My Dental Practice Run Google Ads?

Are you using Google Ads to increase your dental practice's online visibility? If not, you're missing out on what could be a robust and highly successful marketing platform for your dental office. It's nowhere close to an overstatement to say that Google Ads may be the best strategy to generate new patients that your dental practice is neglecting.

Many dentists wrongly use their personal preferences to predict the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of marketing campaigns. Too often, I hear, "I don't click on Google Ads when I see them, so I just want to focus on the organic section of Google to generate patients."

The downside of this approach is that it locks you out of numerous opportunities to be seen by new patients.

Google Ads are an optimal approach to new patients' acquisition, whether you're a start-up practice or long-established and looking to help fill your new associates' schedule. Over 70 percent of Google's annual revenue comes from Google Ads, so you can be sure that Google is keen on continuously optimizing these campaigns to guarantee effectiveness.

Faster Results

An outstanding benefit of a well-run Google Ads campaign is that the results are instant. Any seasoned SEO guru attempting to bring your website from page three of Google to page one organically will tell you that it takes time, often 8 to 12 months, to be exact, depending on how competitive your market is. There's no good reason to sit on the sidelines that whole time while your competitors are taking all of the new patients from online searches. If you enlist a qualified dental marketing team to produce a robust and successful marketing campaign for you using Google Ads, you can begin to see new patients the same day you launch the campaign.


My favorite quote when discussing marketing strategy is, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it'.  This statement was said by Peter Drucker, one of the greatest business management experts of all time. This quote should be the lighthouse that every dental practice uses to navigate their marketing campaigns. Too many practices today are throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. Not only is this wasteful, but it's also a highly unpredictable and often unsuccessful strategy that cannot be relied upon to bring in new patients.

Many practices are unaware of the channels through which their new patients are finding them. What's more, many practices are also in the dark regarding how much money they invest in a specific campaign to generate a new patient. Measurability is a priceless benefit of Google Ads. With proper tracking analytics, you can track your expenditure down to the cent and figure out what you're spending to acquire a new patient with Google Ads. With this information, you can go further and cross-reference your patient records and determine how much revenue was produced by that patient. This way, you have a clear view of your Google Ads return on investment (ROI). This invaluable data allows you to know with certainty how to scale your budget and where to allocate your marketing funds.

Through proper tracking metrics, you can anticipate a precise "Cost Per Acquisition" to generate a new patient from Google Ads and use that data to project what you need to spend in your Google Ads to hit a goal of new patients. For instance, let's put your average Cost Per Acquisition over the last three months at $100. If your goal is to see an additional ten new patients the following month, it follows that you need to add approximately $1,000 to your Ads budget to attain this goal.

Cost Control

Google Ads is one of the few marketing mediums where you only pay if there is a direct interaction of interest with your practice. If you're running a radio or television ad, you're paying for every time your commercial is aired. If you invest in a direct mail campaign, you'll pay per mail address without a guarantee that anyone will ever look at your marketing brochures. With Google Ads, money comes out of your pocket only if someone clicks on your ad, which is known as "Cost Per Click." The Cost Per Click model is an ideal way to advertise because if a potential patient is looking for "dental implants near me" and clicks on your ad for dental implants, it's very likely that they're interested in that service. If someone only sees your Ad but doesn't click on it, you pay nothing—that is called an "impression" and costs you nothing.

These free impressions have their value as they boost your brand awareness. Let's say I Google search "dentist near me," and I see your Google Ad on top of the search engine results page, then again in the map pack, and yet again on the organic section. Let's also say that your competitor is only ranking organically, thus showing up in one place as compared to your three spots. You just won out on a 3 to 1 brand awareness war, which typically leads to the potential patient choosing you out of instinctual credibility.

What Next?

There are many more reasons to run Google Ads for your dental practice. Still, you must choose a qualified dental marketing company that understands dentistry to run a Google Ads campaign for you. Too many times, I've had clients say, "I tried Google Ads myself for a few months and didn't see a return, so I stopped.". That's because there is a science behind it.

Adit is a dental marketing company that has been running Google Ads for dentists for more than a decade and has collected data from over 800 dental practices on what works and what doesn't. Adit is well-positioned to effectively generate new patients and get the most out of your budget. Reach out to Adit today for a complimentary marketing analysis of your area and a complimentary demo for us to show you how we can improve your current new patient growth strategy.


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