10 June 2024

The Insider's Guide: Creating a Dental Discount Program in Your Practice

The Insider's Guide: Creating a Dental Discount Program in Your Practice

One of the greatest challenges in dentistry is being able to provide affordable oral health care to patients. With rising healthcare costs and insurance limitations, many individuals find themselves foregoing essential dental services due to financial constraints. In response to this growing issue, dental discount programs and in-house membership plans have emerged as an innovative solution for practitioners and patients to close this gap in care.

If you're considering one of these cost-saving plans for your own clinic, this guide offers several program ideas that may be perfect for your goals.

Understanding the Need

Before we get into the specifics of creating and implementing a dental discount program, it's important to grasp the underlying need for these initiatives. Access to dental care remains a significant issue for many patients, with several studies indicating that cost is the primary barrier to dental care for adults. Specifically, traditional dental insurance plans require high premiums, deductibles, extensive benefit waiting periods, and limited coverage. As a result, dentists are in the difficult position of finding alternative solutions to empower patients and get them back in the treatment chair.

Enter dental discount programs.

What is a Dental Discount Program?

What is a Dental Discount Program

A dental discount program, also known as a dental savings plan, is a membership-based program offered by offices to provide patients with reduced rates on various services. These programs typically operate on a subscription model, where members pay an annual or monthly fee in exchange for discounted services or a lower flat-rate fee for certain procedures.

The appeal of dental discount programs lies in their simplicity and transparency. Patients know upfront what services are covered and at what discounted rates, so there aren't any financial surprises often associated with insurance claims and coverage limitations. Even more important is that despite the cost savings, practices using these programs are still profitable.

Types of Discounts and Membership Plans

One of the most important factors to consider in a dental discount program for your practice is its ability to offer a level of savings and plan flexibility that meets the needs of your patient base. Tailoring your membership plans and fees to suit your patients' specific financial constraints and treatment requirements achieves two goals: expanded access to essential oral health care and improved patient satisfaction and loyalty. Both of these are essential ingredients to create a successful dental practice.

Here are some common types of discounts and membership plans to consider integrating into your clinic's financing options:

Flat Percentage Discounts

Flat Percentage Discounts

This plan takes a straightforward approach to in-house financing by offering a fixed percentage discount on all of your dental services to program members. Your office could offer plan members an across-the-board discount of 10%, 15%, or 20% on all treatments, regardless of what the service is or how often they need it. Flat percentage discounts provide simplicity and transparency for both patients and the practice.


  • Simplicity: Flat percentage discounts offer a straightforward pricing structure that is easy for patients to understand.
  • Transparency: Patients know exactly how much they will save on each service, promoting trust and satisfaction.
  • Flexibility: Dentists can adjust the discount rate as needed to remain competitive in the market.


  • Requires Differentiation: Flat discounts may not incentivize patients to opt for additional services.
  • Potential Revenue Loss: Offering a fixed discount rate on all services could reduce profitability for high-cost procedures.

Tiered Discount Structures

A tiered discount structure is exactly what it sounds like: different levels of savings based on the subscribed membership tier. Your practice could offer several discount levels to patients, such as a basic membership tier with a 10% discount on all or a group of services and a premium tier with a higher percentage of savings and an expanded treatment list.

Tiered structures allow patients to choose the level of benefits that best suits their needs and budget with pricing that ensures your practice's bottom line remains profitable.


  • Customization: Tiered structures allow dentists to offer varying levels of benefits and discounts to meet different patient preferences.
  • Upselling Opportunities: Premium tiers with added perks encourage patients to upgrade their memberships or opt for additional services.
  • Revenue Maximization: Higher-tier memberships with premium benefits can generate additional revenue streams for the dental practice.


  • Complexity: Managing multiple membership tiers may require additional administrative effort and resources.
  • Potential Confusion: Patients may find it challenging to understand what benefits they are receiving at different membership tiers.

Family Membership Plans

Family Membership Plans

Family membership plans offer discounted rates to multiple members within a single membership, encouraging prioritization of oral health by making dental care more affordable. These programs typically include lower rates for routine check-ups, cleanings, and preventive treatments for everyone covered under the plan.


  • Convenience: Family plans simplify billing and scheduling by covering multiple family members under a single membership.
  • Cost Savings: Families can benefit from bundled discounts on routine preventive care and treatments for children and adults.
  • Patient Loyalty: Family-centric offerings promote long-term relationships with patients and encourage regular dental visits for the entire household.


  • Potential Revenue Loss: Offering discounted rates for multiple family members may reduce overall practice revenue compared to individual memberships.
  • Administrative Complexity: Managing family memberships requires accurate record-keeping and coordination to ensure all eligible family members receive appropriate benefits.

Annual Membership Fees

Some dental discount programs operate on an annual membership fee model, where patients pay a fixed fee upfront in exchange for discounted rates on dental services throughout the year. Membership fees can vary based on the level of benefits included and may offer unlimited or capped discounts on treatments.


  • Predictable Revenue: Annual membership fees provide a steady stream of income for the practice, improving cash flow and financial stability.
  • Patient Commitment: Upfront payment encourages patients to commit to the program for the entire year, fostering long-term loyalty.
  • Budget-Friendly: Patients can budget for dental expenses more effectively with a fixed annual fee, eliminating surprises.


  • Financial Barrier: Some patients may find the upfront cost of annual membership fees prohibitive, especially if they prefer monthly payment options.
  • Risk of Attrition: Participants may be less inclined to renew their memberships if they perceive insufficient value or experience changes in their finances.

Per-Service Discount Plans

Per-Service Discount Plans

Instead of offering discounts on all services, some dental practices opt for per-service discount plans that provide reduced rates on specific treatments or procedures. For example, a practice might offer a discounted rate for teeth whitening or orthodontic treatments as part of a specialized membership plan. Service-based discounts are great for dental offices targeting specific patient needs and preferences to maximize revenue potential.


  • Targeted Marketing: Per-service discount plans allow clinics to focus promotional efforts on specific high-value treatments or elective procedures.
  • Revenue Generation: Discounted rates on premium services can attract new patients and generate additional revenue streams for the practice.
  • Patient Choice: Patients can choose which services they want to receive at discounted rates, empowering them to prioritize their oral health needs.


  • Limited Scope: Per-service discount plans may not appeal to patients seeking comprehensive coverage for all dental services.
  • Complex Pricing: Managing multiple discount rates for different services requires careful coordination and communication to avoid confusion.

In-House Dental Savings Plans

In-house dental savings plans are membership-based programs created and managed directly by the dental practice. Unlike traditional insurance plans, which involve third-party insurers, in-house models are entirely under the control of your practice. This translates into greater flexibility when creating membership benefits and discounts and helps your patients overcome dental insurance obstacles.


  • Customization: In-house savings plans offer complete control over membership benefits, discount rates, and coverage options, allowing for better customization to meet practice and patient needs.
  • Brand Loyalty: Patients enrolled in in-house plans are more likely to remain loyal to the practice, leading to increased retention and referrals.
  • Revenue Sustainability: In-house plans eliminate middlemen, allowing dental offices to keep membership fees and increase service revenue.


  • Initial Setup Costs: Establishing an in-house savings plan may require upfront investment in software, marketing, and administrative resources.
  • Regulatory Compliance: To avoid legal issues, practices must ensure compliance with state regulations governing discount plans and healthcare service agreements.

Senior or Student Discount Programs

Senior or Student Discount Programs

Using a targeted discount program to target a specific patient demographic, such as seniors or students, is a smart way to address financial barriers that typically impact their access to care. Seniors may benefit from discounted rates on preventive care and denture services, while students may appreciate affordable options for routine check-ups and emergency treatments.


  • Targeted Outreach: Senior or student discount programs address the specific financial needs of these demographic groups, enhancing patient engagement and accessibility to dental care.
  • Community Engagement: Offering discounts to seniors or students demonstrates social responsibility and strengthens ties with the local community.
  • Market Differentiation: Targeted programs can differentiate your dental office from competitors and attract new patients from underserved demographic segments.


  • Limited Scope: Senior or student discount programs may exclude other demographic groups.
  • Perception of Exclusion: Patients not qualifying for targeted discounts may perceive the practice as discriminatory or exclusive.

One of the first steps you should take when designing a dental discount program is assessing your patient base's specific needs and financial constraints. Typically, offering a range of customizable discounts and membership plans can maximize patient participation.

Key Considerations for Implementing Dental Discount Programs

Key Considerations for Implementing Dental Discount Programs

Implementing a successful dental discount program requires careful planning and consideration to ensure it truly benefits participants and your office's long-term success.

Below are the primary considerations you will need as part of the development process:

Setting Discount Rates

Determine the discounted rates by striking a balance between affordability and profitability. You will need to consider overhead costs, competitive pricing, and profit margins when determining the level of savings to offer. This ensures your dental office's financial viability while providing meaningful savings to patients.

Also, conduct thorough market research and analyze your competitors' pricing to benchmark your discount rates against industry standards. A practice analytics tool can help you understand what level of savings you can offer on these services, as well.

Membership Structure

To ensure the plan's sustainability, it's important to define clear membership tiers and benefits for participants. This means creating tailored plan structures considering patient demographics, oral health needs, and financial challenges to maximize enrollment and retention. Any offered benefits or discounts should align with patient expectations of value. You can achieve this goal by highlighting a discount program's selling points and value-added services to upsell patients to a higher-tier membership.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Before launching any discount program, be sure to work with legal counsel familiar with healthcare law to review state regulations governing in-house plans and service agreements. For instance, in California, dental offices offering discount plans must comply with the California Dental Association's guidelines, which include disclosing plan details, adhering to fee restrictions, and providing necessary consumer protections.

Ensuring compliance with all applicable laws safeguards your practice from legal risks and fosters patient trust and confidence, reinforcing your commitment to ethical and transparent dental care practices.

Staff Training

You can't implement an in-house discount plan without first onboarding your staff with all of its details. Take time to train frontline staff, including receptionists, dental assistants, and hygienists, to effectively communicate the program's benefits, eligibility criteria, and enrollment process to patients. You might find creating training modules and reference guides based on each staff member's role and responsibilities will ensure they have the necessary knowledge to support program enrollment and engagement.

Marketing and Promotion

Another important step is developing a comprehensive marketing plan to raise awareness and attract patients to your dental discount program. Effective promotion requires marketing its benefits across multiple communication channels, including the practice website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and in-office displays. Work with experienced digital marketers to tailor plan messaging so it will resonate with target audiences and address their specific pain points and preferences. Incorporating educational content and resources can further inform patients about your new discount program, including its features, eligibility criteria, and enrollment process.

Addressing these key considerations during the implementation phase will create a robust and sustainable dental discount program that effectively addresses patient needs, drives practice growth and enhances patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Utilizing Practice Management Software for Seamless Implementation

Utilizing Practice Management Software for Seamless Implementation

As technology increasingly shapes patient care in dentistry, practice management software provides essential tools for seamlessly implementing and managing dental discount programs.

Let's explore how leveraging state-of-the-art dental software like Adit can contribute to a successful rollout:

1. Centralized Membership Management: Practice management software can centralize discount program membership data by automatically updating discount parameters within a patient's profile. Imagine how easily this functionality streamlines how your team enrolls patients, tracks membership status, and accesses pertinent information such as subscription renewals and member benefits throughout the day.

2. Automated Discount Application: With integrated automated billing and treatment planning modules, practice management software will immediately apply discounts to eligible services based on a patient's membership status. This ensures accurate pricing and transparency by eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing errors and administrative burdens.

3. Customizable Reporting and Analytics: Practice management software offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing dentists to analyze the performance of their dental discount program effectively. Track key metrics such as program enrollment rates, utilization patterns, and revenue generated, enabling data-driven decision-making and program optimization.

4. Seamless Communication with Patients: Modern dental software solutions like Adit centralize patient communication features like email and text messaging. Dentists can leverage these tools to share program benefits, enrollment instructions, and renewal reminders to patients, ensuring timely and consistent outreach.

5. Mobile App Integration: Many practice management software platforms include mobile apps for easy access to account information, treatment history, and financial details. Dentists can seamlessly integrate dental discount program details into these apps, offering patients convenient access to program benefits and information on the go.

6. Electronic Patient Forms: Patient forms are pivotal not only in supporting discount programs within dental practices but also in facilitating a seamless sign-up process. Dentists can rely on these platforms to manage patient forms, including those necessary for enrolling in discount programs.

7. Scalability and Flexibility: Whether operating a single practice or a multi-location dental group, practice management software can scale to meet your brand's needs. Easily customize program parameters, such as discount rates and membership tiers, to adapt to changing market dynamics and patient preferences.

With practice management software, dental offices can streamline the implementation and management of their dental discount program, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction, practice efficiency, and financial performance.

Adit Dental Software: Your All-in-One Solution for Discount Programs and Practice Growth

Adit Dental Software: Your All-in-One Solution for Discount Programs and Practice Growth

Are you ready to revolutionize your practice with a comprehensive dental discount program that tears down financial barriers and drives patient satisfaction and practice growth? Look no further than Adit Dental Software – your ultimate solution for seamless implementation and optimization of discount programs.

Adit's platform offers advanced features that empower dentists to assess what discounts to offer based on real-time patient data and practice financial analytics. Our AI-driven approach provides actionable insights regarding treatment trends, patient demographics, and staff productivity so that any program you create can maximize your goals and expand oral healthcare accessibility.

But that's not all. Adit Dental Software goes beyond basic practice management by offering a suite of tools designed to enhance efficiency and profitability throughout your entire organization.

  • Call Tracking
  • Adit Voice
  • Email
  • Pozative Reviews
  • Automated Reminders
  • Secure Patient Texting
  • Adit Pay
  • Patient Recall
  • Online Scheduling
  • Mobile App
  • Practice Analytics
  • Treatment Planning
  • Patient Forms
  • Telemed
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Ads
  • Digital Marketing

Dentists everywhere trust Adit to take their successful dental offices to new heights. Schedule a free demo today to discover how our innovative software can transform your practice and drive success.

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