Discover Dental Marketing that Creates Growth

Discover A Dental Marketing Company In Bay Area That Creates Growth

ADIT is a dental marketing agency that helps dental practices create advanced marketing strategies that engage and convert new patients and improve recall of existing patients. Our firm is a premier provider of sustainable revenue growth by creating superior customer experiences they will be eager to boast about. Rely on our years of experience as one of the top dental marketing companies in the Bay Area to boost your productivity and online presence.

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How Adit Dental Marketing Converts

You want a dental marketing agency that performs, and ADIT delivers on this expectation because we recognize that the primary element of dental companies finding success is their patients. We understand how they go about locating your services and how their experience with your company keeps them coming back. This insight drives our focus and the innovative digital marketing tools we utilize to boost your business.

Curious what tools and strategies we use that sets us apart from other dental marketing companies in the Bay Area?

As a top dental marketing company, we leverage your online marketplace branding and positioning to its fullest potential. With most Americans turning to the web to find providers and available services, it's vital that you are easily accessible and visible through various outlets like a website, online reviews, and on social media platforms like Facebook. If your dental company can't meet this expectation, they'll find a provider that will.

ADIT makes it possible to capture new patient leads and convert them with engaging content, stellar communication, and outstanding customer experiences. This is why dental practices choose ADIT.

See What Our Clients Have to Say about ADIT

Dr. Scott Cold

My experience with Adit has been positive from Day 1 and they have ensured that my website and SEO are top-notch. But, the thing that I like the most is how they have been able to provide me an additional service that helps me capture any calls missed from patients; thus increasing my patient capture by 30%.

Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera

Adit did an excellent job re-designing and branding my clinic’s website. They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable with the process of marketing my practice online.

Dr. Joshua Gascoyne

Working with Adit has been great, they are very efficient and quick and are always available to answer any questions we have. I would definitely recommend Adit to other physicians!

Dr. Farrah Sunderji

Great company and great work! Would highly recommend them as they have helped our business grow. Enjoy working with all the staff and their advice on business marketing. Thank you for everything!

Dr. Sahra Kanji

The team at Adit has allowed my businesses to grow with bringing in more patients through SEO and SEM. I would highly recommend their services.

Dr. Adam DiVincenzo

Adit goes an extra mile with the design and development of the website, ensuring that it is visually attractive and the application Pozative helps us get new patients because it takes up the Google reviews and places it right in the center of the website.

Dr. Radhika Shah

The team at Adit is like your own team. The best thing about them is that they stand by their guarantee and they’ve helped us grow with their digital marketing strategies. We recommend Adit to any dentist or doctor looking for a good digital marketing company.

Dr. Isela Cantuarias

My experience with Adit has been commendable and I’d always recommend them for how they were able to increase the patient walk-in at my dentistry. When I compare the statistics from the previous year’s marketing company I see a lot of difference and that is why they’ll always be someone I will depend on!

Dr. Susan Krause

The experience with Adit and the website has been Awesome! They are very quick to answer any questions that we have and help us develop new ideas. Adit helps us reach our goal for reaching new patients by providing quality information on our website. I would definitely recommend Adit to other practices because the experience that we have had has just been fantastic.

Dr. Scott Cold
Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera
Dr. Joshua Gascoyne
Dr. Farrah Sunderji
Dr. Sahra Kanji
Dr. Adam DiVincenzo
Dr. Radhika Shah
Dr. Isela Cantuarias
Dr. Susan Krause

Scalability and Streamlining Your Dental Practice is Just the Beginning

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Streamline Your Productivity

Did you know that over 70% of your dental practice revenue should come from existing patients? ADIT is one of the top dental marketing companies in the Bay Area because we maximize patient recall and reactivation. Not only can we help increase the overall productivity of your workstream through automated internal marketing, but we assist in developing patient recall initiatives that increase revenue. Our firm has the tools today's dental world requires to be successful in the online marketplace.

Streamline Your Productivity
Centralize Patient Communication

Centralized Patient Communication

When Adit centralizes your inbound & outbound communication, we include everything from text messages and reminders to patient forms and phone calls (VOIP)! Your new patients will rave about how easy it is to communicate with your practice because our dental marketing agency helps you make it accessible and convenient.

Boost Your

Adit is a dental marketing company that uses our state-of-the-art digital tools and services to improve the efficiency of your office by:

  • Finding hidden revenue
  • Educates team members about decision-making
  • Provides insightful KPIs
Boost Your  Productivity
Convert More Leads

Convert More Leads

Getting found online is crucial to your business because it means more new patients, and our marketing program is one of the few that guarantees conversion improvement. Adit's Patient Booking Guarantee program includes creating an intuitive website, getting you more patient reviews, improving overall SEO for your content, running Google/Facebook Ads, and providing easily tracked metrics. These features and so much more make us your premier choice among dental marketing companies in the Bay Area.

Resonate with Your Market Audience

When you think about branding, you know it's more than just a catchy logo. You want your company identity, vision, and values reflected in your dental practice. As a premier dental marketing agency, Adit helps you achieve this through the development of your brand story. The custom dental logo you create will capture these elements. You'll be more than a memorable slogan, but a provider patients know they can trust.

Resonate with Your Market Audience

Position Your Dental Practice for Success

SERP ranking is one of the benefits of an effective dental SEO strategy because it helps you stand above your competitors. Adit knows you have thousands of dental competitors online, and we can help you achieve page one rankings on Google that other dental marketing companies in the Bay Area can't promise. With easy access to monthly reporting and full transparency on results, our company never leaves you in the dark about where you stand in the online marketplace.

Provide an Intuitive Dental Website Experience

Provide an Intuitive Dental Website Experience

Avoid going the route of standard dental marketing websites that only provide minimal information and an email to send scheduling requests. Instead, make your practice page a full-service customer portal! Adit has innovative ways to improve the online client experience, including instant messaging and live-chat features for quicker response times. Trust our digital marketing agency to create a website that is fast, mobile-friendly, intuitive, and brimming with features like educational articles and automated appointment scheduling.

Do You Know Your Current Ranking on Google?

Not sure where your dental office ranks online compared to other practices in your neighborhood? Try our Rank Checker today and learn more about Adit digital marketing services today!

Do You Know Your Current Ranking on Google?
Effective Social Media Management

Social Media Management that Engages Patients

New patients are looking for a dental provider that they can connect with for the long term. Social media marketing management is crucial in developing this bond by encouraging communication with prospective and current clients through engaging posts, articles, and value-added content. As your Bay Area dental marketing agency, Adit can help you build an online community of patients that love what you do for them.

Digital Marketing for Dental Start-Ups

For over seven years, Adit has assisted dental start-ups throughout the Bay Area in establishing their brands and achieving sustainable patient growth. Our dental marketing services help up-and-coming practices with every aspect of launching their business, including:

- Brand Development - Comprehensive Digital Marketing - Practice Naming - Logo Development - Business campaigns And More!

We provide crucial dental-specific marketing strategies that will make your start-up the success you've dreamed it would become.

Rapid Growth for Your Practice

Rapid Growth for Your Practice

Leading dental marketing companies in the Bay Area are full of promises, but can they deliver? Business growth is something ADIT specializes in, which is crucial for up-and-coming dental practices. You need us! We not only implement strategies that maximize patient experience, but we streamline communication streams, which is crucial to converting leads and creating a thriving patient base.

numbers don’t lie



Over 25K Patients Booked Last Quarter



We Drive More Than 25 Million In Measurable Revenue Per Month



More Than 1000 Practices Choose Adit



Pozative has generated more than 50K 5-star reviews!

ADIT is Always Here for You

ADIT doesn't stop at just sending metrics and data about your marketing strategies. We know that this information is important, but you need comprehensive management options, and people speak with directly. This helps your dental company to change its approach and effect change successfully. When you choose our dental marketing agency to help motivate and innovate your business, we provide a dedicated practice coach that understands your practice, reads the analytics, gives you key solutions, and guides your staff to success.

See Our Success in Case Studies

At Adit, we believe that the proof is in the outcomes we achieve. You can measure the effectiveness of our dental marketing services in helping your dental practice create a sustainable business by case studies we have conducted.

Family Dental Care

Family Dental Care

Dr. Alexander Alemis

  • 7 Locations
  • 20 Providers
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • 380% Increase

    In New Patients Across 7 Locations

  • Grew to 7 Locations

    From 5 Locations

  • Books More Than 500

    New Patients Per Month

  • Ranks 1st Position

    For “Dentist South Chicago” Amongst Other Keywords

Why Adit

We've got the tools today's dental world requires for the online marketplace.

Experience Adit’s Guarantee

One of the risks of working with dental marketing companies in the USA is upfront investment costs without any guaranteed payoff. Adit is different from this standard practice and provides a Patient Booking Guarantee.

You are taking a gamble by choosing our firm, and we value this trust so much, we are taking the same leap of faith for your dental practice. Until your company doesn't break even on our products and services, Adit works for free. Request your free demonstration today to learn more!


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