10 December 2015

Online Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Online Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2016

When you go into the online marketing industry it’s a little like Russian roulette. There’s always risk involved but if you keep up with the trends and take notes during your trial and error phase, you can learn a lot and apply it to your business model. If you’re joining this more recent form of marketing, you’re not as in tuned with what is appealing to consumers and how to organize your marketing campaigns. It can be a little overwhelming and a lot to digest, but 2016 holds promise for online marketing.

Here are some of the trends you should keep in mind for future participation:

Wearable technology will be on the rise:

Everyone around the world saw the release of the Apple Watch and the hype behind was fueled by an amazing marketing campaign. There will be more breakout “smart watches” and similar devices you can wear this upcoming year. This does encourage real marketing practices to move into the world of online.

The convenience of digital assistance will contribute to optimization efforts:

We are all familiar with the little voice (Siri and Cortana) that buzzes on our phones when we need to look up a restaurant close by or a questions about directions when our hands are tied. Digital assistance helps utilize search engine optimization but only when they are looking up information at the moment. To make use of this is to make sure your place of business and the information pertaining to it is easily found online so that these assistants can take people to your website.

Mobile will overtake traditional desktops:

2015 was a turning point for online marketing, mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic and soon began the phasing out of websites that were not adapted or optimized for mobile via the “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update. At this rate, desktop traffic won’t die down, but there is a clear effort geared towards mobile marketing dominating the online industry now.

Video ads will become more prevalent:

video ads have been around for some time, however, in 2016 Google is joining the ranks of Facebook and Bing and getting in line with in-SERP video advertisements. This translates to video ads online having more appeal to users. This will likely lead to video ads replacing many of the still-image ones that pop up on websites and unexpected places.